Soccer injury update

Dislocated patella

(not the same kid as referenced below).

On Saturday, I reffed a high school game that I mentioned in a previous post.

In the previous game, a player had injured himself so badly, an ambulance had to drive him off the field.

I was amazed to learn on Saturday that the same boy is walking with a knee brace now. He was at the game, but not dressed to play. The coach told me his knee cap had been dislocated (basically turned up on its side) and they popped it back into place in the emergency room.

I couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t even walking with a limp! Kids recover so quickly, it’s ridiculous. The coach said he’s expected to be able to run in another week in a half.

I’m so happy that kid is OK. That game on Saturday was very eventful, so I’ll update you on that soon.


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