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Welcome back, sports fans!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 9

My new shoes!

Sorry for the long blog hiatus. Winter sucked.  So did fall, actually, and I just didn’t feel like writing.

Last fall, I reffed a lot of high school games and that was fun. Learned a lot, and then it was time to get recertified.

I took the test … and failed! OMG! I was so pissed. I was mad at myself for not studying, then I felt like a big idiot.

Then I learned that most of my class failed it. Whoever wrote the test made sure to make it as difficult as possible and ask questions that have nothing to do with real-life games. It’s like they designed the test to make sure you fail. I have no patience for that kind of nonsense.

I had to go back a couple weeks later and retake it, and I rocked it. So, all is well in Soccerland.

I ordered a new pair of reffing shoes from a local running store. I wanted black Asics, since my Asics are my best running shoes, but they said they were on back order until May! Yikes! So, they ordered me a pair of Brooks and I just need to go pick them up. I’ve found that black running shoes are best for reffing, especially if you have to ref several games per day. If they’re trail shoes, that’s better because they’ll have more traction. But cleats can be a nightmare, especially if the ground is hard. Plus, you have to make sure you can stay on your feet all day, and cleats aren’t made for that.

When I first started reffing, I wore my indoor soccer shoes for a few games, and my feet protested in the form of obnoxious and painful blisters. I bought some black Nike trail shoes from a shoe store chain on sale, and they were better, but they still don’t prevent blisters. My body seems to love blisters, and will blister at the slightest irritation. So, I should buy stock in Moleskin. Lord knows I’ve gone through it enough in the last year!

The first tournament starts March 5.  Can’t wait!