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More soccer parent drama

Sorry to have taken such a long break. It’s been a crazy month. But I’ve had a few interesting games recently, so I have lots to write about.

Last week, I was on vacation from my day job and my night job, so I was able to ref a game or two a little farther from home. I agreed to do two high school games in a small town a bit far from home. The first game was a girls’ game, which was pretty uneventful. I was the AR on the parents’ side, and the other two refs were pretty good.

When it came time for the boys’ game, we thought for sure the home team was going to pound this rural high school from even farther away. We were so wrong.

The game started out rough. Thirty seconds into the game, the center ref had to warn a player on the home team for playing too aggressively. The whole game was rough, and I was surprised there weren’t more fouls called.

The visiting parents were near me, and they were pretty cool. There were only three of them, and they cheered their hearts out. They were laughing and having a good time joking with me occasionally. The home parents were another story.

Ten minutes before the end of the game, I made a fatal mistake. I called a foul in the penalty box. I thought it was blatant, and the center later told me he agreed with me. But the truth is, he should have called it and not me. But I was closer, so I figured it had to be called.

The center ran over and discussed it with me and agreed it was a blatant foul in the box, so there must be a penalty kick. The keeper tried to argue with me — “Ma’am, he slipped!” I didn’t want him to start arguing, so I said “Knock it off.” Someone said, “What was the call?” and someone else said, “Nothing … bitch.”

I didn’t hear it, but the center did, and he turned ar0und and gave him a red card. The kid was arguing with him, and he almost couldn’t get him off the field. They walked over to the coach and explained it to him, then he came back and explained it to me. “I know he was directing that to you,” he said. “Of course,” I said, “I’m the only one with a vagina.”

Well, the parents didn’t know what happened, so they thought the red card was for the foul. From one side of the stands (the home side) I heard, “You can’t give a red card without a yellow first!” And from the other side, “That’s not true, you idiot!”

After the game (away team won 4-2, including a goal from the penalty kick), as an away player was cheering for his team, a home parent walked to the side of the field and said, “Congratulations! You had the refs on your side!” The player said, “No we didn’t! We won fair and square!”

I said I really wanted to get out of there but I couldn’t because I couldn’t find my teenage son, who was hanging out during the game. I had to walk in front of the parents to get his stuff and I overheard one of the parents saying, “Yeah, SHE called the foul that got the red card.” Oh shit.

I found the guy who was running the clock, who walked around with me, and he asked about the call, I made sure to say somewhat loudly, “It wasn’t the foul that got the card, it was his mouth.”

God, I really hate teenage boys and soccer parents.